FAQs Before Booking


  1. Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable unless the error is mine, and go towards the service total.
  2. Clients must be 15 years old and up.
  3. Payment balance is accepted via CASH or ZELLE ONLY.
    *** Remaining balance is due upon arrival BEFORE service is rendered or class is taught.
  4. Style change requests can be made via email no less than 48 hours before your appointment time.  Should you want to request a change within 48 hours, you will still be responsible for the original balance owed unless the service is of equal or higher value. **Keep in mind that time has been reserved up until this point, as well as hair essentials needed to execute your original style.
  5. SUNDAY APPOINTMENTS:  ANY appointment scheduled for a Sunday will have a 50% upcharge. * (service total x .5 = upcharge amount).
  6. SUNDAY APPOINTMENTS forfeit the deposit in the event of needing to reschedule or cancel, regardless of the reason.  This adds insistence of the importance to read the intake form upon booking that requires your acknowledgement of an upcharge for Sunday appointments.


  1. No children; no extra guests. This also applies to classes.
  2. No Call No Show = No Rebooking 
  3. Late Policy: Clients may arrive up to 10 minutes early, 15 minutes past without question.  At 16+ minutes, IF your appointment is still accepted, your deposit is forfeited and the total service charge is due.  You may also have to alter the style to accommodate the shorter time block.  Keep in mind that accepting the late appointment will depend on other clients booked, my personal schedule, how late you are, etc.  It isn’t guaranteed, but I will try.
  4. Hair must be 4 inches or longer all around (baby hair ok). This is a firm stipulation.
  5. Hair must be clean, detangled, and product free (unless you’ve booked braid service prep). ** If you can’t run a large tooth comb through your hair, it is not considered “detangled and ready to braid”.
  6. If you arrive with hair that is tangled/matted, not “ready to braid” and you didn’t book a shampoo service, a shampoo service will be added and must be paid immediately ($45).  This is IF time allows, and may require a style change to accommodate the shorter time block.  The original balance will still be due.  ** A suggestion to avoid this is to plait your hair in sections right after a shampoo and blowout if you choose to not book a shampoo service.
  7. Please do not color your hair within 48 hours of your appt.
  8. Shampoo prep does not include take down of a previous style.
  9. Those experiencing alopecia must schedule a consultation prior to booking.
  10. Failure to come prepared as required will result in a cancelled appointment and deposit forfeiture.
  11. First time MALE CLIENTS are required to schedule Men’s Therapy, located under section 1. ALL NEW CLIENTS.  If you are a first time male client and continue to schedule an appointment that is not men’s therapy, you will be asked to change your service or appointment cancelled while forfeiting the deposit.  Please note, for an optimal service, this is REQUIRED.



NOTE: This applies to appointments and classes.

You are permitted one reschedule with your paid deposit. The rescheduled date must fall between the original date and the next 2 full calendar months. *Booking is typically high in demand and may fill up within minutes of the calendar opening, so please be online the moment it opens to reschedule.*

You are allowed to reschedule up to 24 hours in advance. To cancel or reschedule, please visit your email appointment confirmation and follow the prompts.

– If there is no current availability to reschedule through your confirmation email, you must cancel and book a new date with another deposit.  Both deposits will be applied to your new appointment.

– A 2nd reschedule will result in a forfeit of the deposits and a new appointment must be booked.



Appointments canceled within 24 hours of their appointment will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining balance and the deposit is forfeited.

If the client requests a cancellation up to 10 min before the appointment start time or after, the client is required to pay the balance in full before rebooking.

Clients will not be able to reschedule or rebook until the cancellation fee is paid.

While I understand that things happen in life, please keep in mind that time and supplies have been secured, and thus must be compensated for.


Hair is only provided for select services (it’s noted in each service).
In order to deliver exceptional results, it is critical that the correct hair is purchased. No other brands will be used, so please only get the brands shown below.

RUWA 30″: used butt length and ponytails

RUWA 24″: used for standard length (between mid-back and waist)

RUWA 36″:  used for butt length or longer only

Freetress 3x 28″: used for tailbone length and ponytails (must have 3 bundles in the bag)

*** If you’re required to bring your hair for the style you’ve booked and you want an ombre, please text 214.415.0887 if you have questions or would like some guidance on the best combo 🙂


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